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A wise t-shirt once said, “Dogs have owners, cats have handlers”. While comedic, this euphemism accurately describes the difference between owning a dog and a cat. Cats are truly independent creatures, which is one of their most endearing qualities. Unlike dogs, cats require relatively little maintenance, yet they can be as affectionate towards their caretakers. is dedicated to the world of the domesticated feline. Our site is designed as a resource of information relating to all things cats. From basic nutrition to luxury furniture, if you have questions about cats, we have answers. We are cat lovers of the highest degree and want to share our knowledge and experience with other feline fanatics.

There are dozens of different types of domestic cat breeds. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and personality types. From the common breeds such as Tabbies and European short hair to the more exotic Don Sphynx and Oriental short hair, cats can range significantly in their physical appearance. The varying breeds are a testament to the evolutional fortitude of the feline.

Cat health should be something that would-be cat owners should thoroughly understand before adopting one as a pet. The first thing to consider is cat food. Cats have specific nutritional requirements that need to be addressed for their physical well-being. Exercise is also important, which is why cat toys are so important. Cats that become lethargic can sometimes develop health conditions that can cause numerous problems for the animal.

While most house cats still get ample time outdoors, it is important that they have a comfortable home base. Cat litter and a litter box are essential for all cats, regardless of where they spend the majority of the day. Even an outdoor cat will occasionally require an indoor litter box. Cat collars are highly recommended cat accessories, especially for felines that spend any time outside. The collars should carry a registration tag as well, in the event that the animal gets lost or injured.

While there are dedicated cat supply stores, most online pet stores will have anything you need for your feline friend. Cat products ranging from cat furniture to cat jewelry can often be found through these retailers. Cat carriers can be purchased in many different sizes and are essential for transporting your pet. Pet stores are also the ideal places to find cat gifts for your friends and their pets.

Harder to find items such as cat clothing can often be found online. There are numerous internet businesses that cater to cat owners specifically. These businesses can also be great places to find unique cat beds and other cat products.

A house cat can be much more than just a pet. They are often considered members of the family, and many cat names are decided on as a family unit. They are affectionate and loyal animals that can add joy to any household.

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